WP Product Review Pro Review

WP Product Review Pro

USD 59.00

Ease Of Use






User Interface







  • Gorgeous looking design.
  • Schema markup included.
  • Multi-type review.
  • Comparison table.
  • Amazon integration.
  • Listing table.
  • Multiple templates.
  • Shortcode usage.
  • 1 year of updates and support.
  • Fully customizable with custom icons.


  • Above average loading speed.

WP Product Review Pro is one of the most popular review plugins in the WordPress community. It comes with beautiful design and a lot of great features. Apart from that, this plugin also includes Schema markup in your structured data.

About WP Product Review Pro

WP Product Review Pro is a review plugin created by ThemeIsle, one of the top ten WordPress theme providers. This company was founded by Ionut Neagu and his friends in Bucharest, Romania in 2013. Currently, this company has 16 employees from various countries such as Romania, India, Iran and Saint Lucia.

Besides WP Product Review Pro, they have also developed various plugins both free and premium. Not to mention, they also have a large collection of WordPress themes in multiple categories such as Blog, Magazine, E-commerce, Business, Photography and much more.

6 Reasons To Use WP Product Review Pro

I've been using WP Product Review Pro for several months now. So in this review, I would like to share my personal experience using this plugin. In fact, this review itself is using WP Product Review Pro. Therefore, I will point out 6 reasons why you should use this plugin as well.

Gorgeous Looking Design

One of the main reasons why I chose WP Product Review Pro is because of its gorgeous looking design. For a review website, appearance is a contributing factor that can make your content more appealing. Besides default template as you see in this review, it also comes with other templates you may want to try.

WP Product Review Pro Review

Includes Schema Markup

Rich snippets are very important for your website SEO. It increases your site visibility in the search engines result which also encourages more click to your website. This plugin includes review schema markup to your structured data. Please take a look at the image below how our site looks like in the search result after using this plugin.

WP Product Review Pro Review
Example of reviews with a rich snippet in the search engine result.
WP Product Review Pro Review

Multi-type Review

Another reason why I prefer to use WP Product Review Pro is its feature of multi-type review. Beside from the author review, you can also activate visitor review. This will allow your visitors to leave a review as well. And on top of that, you can decide how much visitor rating will affect your review.

WP Product Review Pro Review

Comparison Table

What makes this plugin more interesting is its ability to create comparison table. It will extract all data from your existing reviews and create a beautiful responsive table for comparison between products. And you can easily do this with a shortcode.

WP Product Review Pro Review
Example of comparison table generated by WP Product Review Pro.
WP Product Review Pro Review

Amazon Integration

Most of the review websites on the internet are associated with Amazon. And a review plugin will be incomplete without Amazon integration. This will allow you to import products from Amazon easily. With the exclusion of Personal plan, all other plans in WP Product Review Pro are included with Amazon integration.

WP Product Review Pro Review

Listing Table

Listing table feature allows you to generate a responsive listing grid of your reviews in a single page. This feature is useful to show your visitors a list of your review. From this list, your visitors will have a choice whether to buy a product directly or to read its review first.

WP Product Review Pro Review

Footer Note

In the above review, I have shared with you 6 reasons why you should try use WP Product Review Pro. This plugin is extremely easy to use and customize to suit your need. Feel free to reach their support in case of anything. Moreover, you have nothing to worry since ThemeIsle offers 30 days money back guarantee.

So what are you waiting for? Just click on the banner below and get 1 year of updates and priority support from ThemeIsle along with other great features.

WP Product Review Pro Review
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