Advanced Ads Pro Review

Advanced Ads Pro

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  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Friendly & professional support.
  • Google AdSense integration.
  • Multiple types of ads (popup, layer, sticky, slider, etc).
  • Auto injection and manual placement ads anywhere.
  • Ability to sell ads space.
  • Geo-targeting & Ads rotation by group.
  • Multiple display conditions, visitor conditions & Shortcode support.
  • Tracking feature, single ad report and summary report.


  • Too many separate addons.

Advanced Ads Pro is one of the most popular ads managers among WordPress community. It comes with many advanced features including tracking, geo-targeting, various type of ads, multiple ad placements and many more. Moreover, this plugin also has the ability to sell ads space on your website.

About Advanced Ads Pro

Advanced Ads Pro is an ad management plugin created by Thomas Maier. He is a WordPress developer, specialist, and CEO from Webgilde GmbH. This company was founded in 2012 and currently have a headquarter in Ranzin, Germany. They are specialized in ad optimization, web analytics, and content marketing.

12 Reasons To Use Advanced Ads Pro

Since January 2017, I've changed my ad management plugin to Advanced Ads for all my websites. Moreover, I also encourage all my clients to switch as well. And, if you're wondering, yes, all of my ads on this website are managed and inserted by Advanced Ads.

This includes everything under the yellow sidebar on the right side (most bottom if you are using a mobile phone). And also Adsense ads at the bottom of the sidebar on the left and as well as within the article. So in this review, I would like to share my experience with Advanced Ads including 12 reasons why you should try this plugin.


One of two main reasons why I switch to Advanced Ads is because this plugin is extremely lightweight. It's not stressing your server even you are using shared hosting unless you are hosting with a crappy hosting provider. Moreover, it also uses lesser server resources compared to my previous ad management plugin.

However, if you use any third-party ad network such as Google Adsense, it may slow down your website a bit. Please note that this is unavoidable and unrelated to Advanced Ads. This is due to the third-party ad network usually load many scripts and ads from multiple sources. Thus, will increase your page size and file requests as well as increasing load time of your website.

Advanced Ads Pro Review
Comparison between GTmetrix speed test result.

Multiple Types Of Ads

If you plan to create a different kind of ads, then maybe this is the plugin you looking for. There are various types of ads that you can create on any size you want to. From popup ad to layer ad as well as the sticky ad. And, on top of that, you can also create ads slider.

Do you have a WordPress site and would like to get Advanced Ads for free?

Advanced Ads Pro Review

Multiple Ad Placements

In addition to multiple types of ads, you can also place any ads you create anywhere on your website. Whether using automatic injection on any header or paragraph in your content, manual placement or using sidebar widget.

While there are about 20 ad placements on the plugin setting, actually you can insert your ad almost everywhere by using the function provided.

Advanced Ads Pro Review
Multiple ad placements using automatic injections or manual placements.

Multiple Display Conditions And Visitor Conditions

Furthermore, you can set multiple display conditions for your ads. There are 24 conditions you can set. For example, you can choose to display certain ads on specific posts, pages, categories, tags, authors or archive pages. Besides, there are also other conditions whether to display ads such as on specific pagination, content age or AMP pages.

Additionally, you can set visitor conditions together with display conditions. In which you can choose whether to show ads based on a visitor's browser width or device type. Apart from that, you can also limit the display of ads after specific clicks amount or based on login status.

Advanced Ads Pro Review

Google AdSense Integration

Google AdSense is one of the popular and best ways to monetize your website. And the good news is, this plugin is completely integrated with Google Adsense. Which mean, it will automatically copy all your AdSense ad code once you link it with your Adsense account. And of course, you can still do it manually if you prefer to.

Advanced Ads Pro Review
Full integration with Google Adsense.

Friendly And Professional Support

Another main reason why I switch to this plugin because I love how Thomas and his support team handle each and every case. They are very friendly, professional and always respond as soon as possible.

Not to mention, they have always managed to resolve all users issue by at least 95% of support tickets that have been opened every month. Still not convinced yet? Check out their WordPress support forum.

Do you have a WordPress site and would like to get Advanced Ads for free?

Advanced Ads Pro Review

Ability To Sell Ad Space

What is the better thing for bloggers beside the ability to directly sell ad space on their website? Yes, with Advanced Ads Pro Selling Ads addon, you can sell your ad space to any of your site visitors. Where this ad will be automatically expired after a specific amount of impressions or clicks.

The ad purchase process is also simple where the buyer will be sent to the ad upload page as soon as the payment complete. Please take a look at the example below when we tried this feature before.

Advanced Ads Pro Review
The ability to sell ads on your website.


Geo-targeting is another great feature offered by Advanced Ads Pro. In which you can specifically target to display any of your ads based on the location of your visitors. There are options to choose countries, continents, states and even cities for your ads.

Advanced Ads Pro Review

High Rating

As I mentioned previously, Advanced Ads is one of the most popular ad management plugins in the WordPress community. This can be seen from the overwhelming 5 stars rating and positive reviews received by this plugin in their WordPress plugin page. Please take a look at the below image.

Advanced Ads Pro Review
Very high rating in the WordPress plugin directory.

Ad Groups

Do you have several ads but can't decide which ad to display? Worry not, Advanced Ads comes with ad group where you can rotate all ads repeatedly within the same group. Likewise, you can also set display and visitor conditions to these ad groups.

Do you have a WordPress site and would like to get Advanced Ads for free?

Advanced Ads Pro Review

Tracking, Summary Report And Single Ad Report

Wondering how many times your visitors view and click on your ad? Yes, you can track all the impressions and clicks on your ads using Advanced Ads Pro Ad Tracking addon. There are four tracking methods you can use including using Google Analytics.

Furthermore, you can view a summary or single ad report directly from the stat dashboard or on the respective ad setting. In which, you can share this single ad report to your ad buyer or anyone in your team via a shareable link or auto-generated email.

Shortcode Support

Advanced Ads also comes with shortcode support for the ad and ad group. Where you can place it anywhere within your content. And if you familiar with PHP, you can also place your ad or ad group function anywhere in your theme template.

Advanced Ads Pro Review

Footer Note

In the above review, I have shared with you my personal experience using Advanced Ads and point out 12 reasons why you should try this plugin. If you are looking for ad management which is lightweight and using lesser server resources, then I totally recommend this plugin.

And if you would like to try this plugin first, feel free to enter the complete URL of your WordPress site in the form below and click Get it for free. After that, you will be sent to the Advanced Ads official website to download the plugin for free. No credit card required.

Do you have a WordPress site and would like to get Advanced Ads for free?

Advanced Ads Pro Review
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