20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018

Are you looking for a good plugin for your newly created website? Or are you looking for a plugin that can enhance your existing website? If so, please continue reading because in this article, I will share with you 20 must have WordPress plugins 2018. You might also interested in reading how to install a WordPress plugin.


20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
Jetpack plugin by Automattic.

With more than 5 million active installations, without a doubt Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. It comes with many amazing free features such as carousel gallery, unlimited images CDN, lazy loading images, and infinite scroll.

Moreover, you can also automatically publicize to social networks or use other features like subscription, website stats, and downtime monitoring. Not to mention, there are a total of 37 features of Jetpack in the free version including the one we have mentioned above.

At the same time, Jetpack also offers their premium services with even more powerful features. This includes daily automated backup with a 30-day archive, unlimited video CDN, malware scanning, security fixes, and spam filtering. There are many more premium features you might interest, which is in just one single plugin.

PREMIUM Version FREE Version

Yoast SEO

20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
Yoast SEO by Team Yoast.

As one of the most used plugins, this list will not be complete without mentioning Yoast SEO. It has so many features such as XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs, text link counter and custom title and meta description. Not only it integrates with Google Search Console but also has snippet preview, bulk editor and ability to set canonical URLs.

Still, our favorite features in this plugin are their Readability & SEO analysis which help you to optimize your content as well as the cornerstone content ability.

FREE Version

W3 Total Cache

20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
W3 Total Cache by Frederick Townes.

With W3 Total Cache, improving SEO and user experience on your website will never get easier. This plugin comes with many powerful features such as minifying your HTML, XML, JavaScripts and CSS files. It also will cache minified or compressed version of your pages, posts, scripts, feeds, and many more powerful features.

Furthermore, this plugin is compatible with shared hosting, virtual private server, and dedicated servers. In addition, it also supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and even WP-CLI for cache purging purpose.

By installing this plugin, you will be able to increase your overall website performance by reducing its download times.

FREE Version

Wordfence Security

20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
Wordfence Security plugins by Wordfence.

If security is your foremost concern, then you might want to consider trying this Wordfence Security plugin. It is one of the most comprehensive security solutions for WordPress website. This plugin includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner that was developed to protect WordPress.

Wordfence Security Firewall will identify and blocks malicious traffic, protecting your site while reducing the load. At the same time, their malware scanner will check core files, themes, and plugins for malware, backdoors, and other vulnerabilities.

Additionally, this plugin also monitors visits and hack attempts as well as block attackers by IP or advanced rules. There are many other advanced features available in this plugin that you might like.

FREE Version


20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
Akismet Anti-Spam plugin by Automattic.

WordPress commenting system is one of the useful features which allow you to have discussions or interact with your visitors. And yet, to fight comments spam certainly is not an easy task. Worry not! With Akismet, comments spam are no longer your problem.

For instance, this plugin will automatically check all submitted comments and filters out anything that looks like spam. It also has a status history so you can check whether it is caught automatically or cleared manually by moderators. There are also other features such as revealing URL in the comment to prevent misleading links and many more.

FREE Version

Shortcodes Ultimate

20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
Shortcodes Ultimate plugin by Vladimir Anokhin.

For beginners, nothing is more productive than the ability to create sliders or buttons effortlessly. Yes, with just a few clicks, you can create beautiful and responsive sliders or buttons for your WordPress site. Besides that, you can also create responsive videos, tabs, boxes, carousels, and many more.

This plugin comes with more than 50 amazing shortcodes with a modern responsive design. It also works with any theme and with 1-click shortcode insertion with live preview. Moreover, it has also been translated into multiple languages, has a powerful API, custom widget, along with its comprehensive documentation.

PREMIUM Version FREE Version


20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
Autoptimize plugins by Frank Goossens.

Optimizing your scripts and stylesheets play an important part if you want to speed up your website. With Autoptimize, you can aggregate, minify and cache scripts and styles. You can also inject your styles in the head section, moves and defers your scripts to the footer and minify your HTML.

In addition, there are also options to async non-aggregated scripts, removing WordPress core emoji, combining Google Fonts and many more. Therefore, with Autoptimize not only you can speed up your site but also reduce server requests and save server resources.

FREE Version

All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
All In One Schema Rich Snippets plugin by Brainstorm Force.

Rich snippets are one of the best ways to improve CTR (Click-Through Rate) for your website. And it can easily be applied by adding schema markups. One of popular plugin for this task is All In One Schema Rich Snippets plugin.

By adding schema markups, you will have higher chance to stand out in the search engine result. Currently, this plugin supports markup for Review, Event, People, Product, Recipe, Software Application, Video, and Articles.

PREMIUM Version FREE Version

Advanced Ads

20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
Advanced Ads plugin by Thomas Maier.

Among ads manager in WordPress directory, Advanced Ads is one of the plugins with the highest rating. It comes with many awesome features such as multi-type ads support, ads rotate, schedule ads and set expiry date. Besides that, you can also inject ads anywhere into posts and pages or target ads by content and user groups.

Additionally, Advanced Ads also support third-party ad network such as AdSense, Chitika, Amazon, BuySellAds, DoubleClick, Media.net and more. Not only you can show or hide ads conditionally but you can also prevent AdBlock software from removing your ads. Don't forget to check out our Advanced Ads Pro review.

Do you have a WordPress site and would like to get Advanced Ads for free?

PREMIUM Version FREE Version


20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
TablePress plugin by Tobias Bäthge.

If you looking for an easy way to create tables, then surely TablePress is the most suitable plugin for you. With TablePress, you can create a beautiful and responsive table in no time. This table can be easily embedded anywhere like posts, pages, or text widgets using a simple shortcode.

Furthermore, the best thing about TablePress is its table data can be directly edited in a spreadsheet-like interface. In which this table can contain any type of data including text, images, links or even formula. Besides, there are also another features like sorting, pagination, and filtering you can use by including an additional JavaScript library.

FREE Version


20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
WP-Sweep plugin by Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan.

Over time, your website will produce unnecessary things such as revisions, auto drafts, deleted or spammed comments and many more. In which will inevitably take up space in your database when your site grows. Nonetheless, this junk can be easily removed by using a plugin called WP-Sweep.

Likewise, you can also remove transient options, unused terms, orphaned and duplicated metadata as well as optimizing your database.

FREE Version


20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
BackWPup plugin by Inpsyde GmbH.

Some web hosting company, for example, SiteGround provides free backup service for their customers. But in case your current hosting provider does not offer it, then you might want to try this plugin.

BackWPup is a plugin where you can back up for some part or the entire of your WordPress website. Moreover, you can also save your backups to the third-party Backup Service like Dropbox, S3, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, etc. There are also other amazing features auto-compress backup files, optimize database, easy restoration and many more that will interest you.

FREE Version


20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
Redirection plugin by John Godley.

404 errors will give a bad user experience on your website if it's not handled as soon as possible. With Redirection, you can manage 301 redirects and keep track of 404 errors even without any Apache or Nginx knowledge.

This plugin not only comes with full support for regular expressions but also have many other features. It includes full logging, import and export and conditional redirects based on login status, browser, referrer, cookies and many more.

FREE Version

WP Staging

20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
WP Staging plugin by WP-Staging.

Updating your WordPress core, themes or plugins surely will give you a headache when it went wrong and break your site. While not every hosting company provides a staging service, yet you may want to try this alternative.

WP-Staging is a great plugin that allows you to clone the whole or part of your live site. In which you can test new WordPress core, themes or plugins updates in a staging environment without affecting your live site.

Additionally, with their premium service, you can push back any changes you made in staging environment back to live site.

PREMIUM Version FREE Version

Smush Image Compression

20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
Smush Image Compression by WPMU DEV.

Having lots of images on the same page usually will slow down your website. But you can avoid it by optimizing your images automatically using Smush Image Compression And Optimization plugin.

This plugin comes with many features where you can compress your images without losing quality and stripping unnecessary metadata. This will result in a smaller image size which will make your website load faster.

Moreover, you can also set max width and height for your images so it will auto-resize and compress on upload. Apart from that, it also compatible with most media library plugins.

FREE Version

Under Construction

20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
Under Construction plugin by WebFactory Ltd.

Are you currently developing a new website or want to update your existing website? Whichever the case, then you might want to try this Under Construction plugin. It allows you to create Under Construction, Maintenance Mode, Coming Soon or a Landing Page in less than a minute.

This plugin comes with many ready-made designs which you can turn on the mode within a few clicks. Besides that, you can also set an expiration date to automatically turn off construction mode. There are many other features such as social icons, white-listed users, custom content, discrete login button, and many more.

FREE Version

Better Search Replace

20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
Better Search Replace plugin by Delicious Brains.

Changing string one by one is a tiresome task. However, with Better Search Replace plugin, you can change all same string in a database with just a few clicks. Furthermore, you also can select which tables to change as well as the ability to run a “dry run” beforehand. This will allow you to see how many fields will be affected.

FREE Version

Heartbeat Control

20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
Heartbeat Control plugin by Jeff Matson.

WordPress Heartbeat API is a great feature that allows you to updates in real-time. This is undeniably very useful, especially for the multi-author blog. Nevertheless, it comes with a downside which will affect mainly websites with limited server resources.

Fortunately, with Heartbeat Control plugin, you can easily manage the frequency of your WordPress heartbeat API. In which you can allow it only on specific locations or disable it entirely within a few clicks. In addition, you can also modify Heartbeat intervals between 15 and 300 seconds each request to save your server resources.

FREE Version

Quick Featured Images

20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
Quick Featured Images plugin by Martin Stehle.

WordPress featured image allows you to add any image as the representative for your content. Even so, to add or change it one by one on each post are tedious tasks. With Quick Featured Images plugin, you can manage all your featured images within a few minutes.

This plugin comes with an option to set, replace or delete featured images in bulk. Besides that, you also can define presets to automatically set featured images for future posts.

FREE Version

Google XML Sitemaps

20 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2018
Google XML Sitemaps plugin by Arne Brachhold.

With Google XML Sitemap you can improve your SEO and help crawlers to understand the structure of your site efficiently. Therefore, it will be easier for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and Ask.com to index your website.

Additionally, this plugin also notifies all major search engines each time you publish a new content. On top of that, you can also include a sitemap in HTML format or add a sitemap to virtual robot.txt.

FREE Version

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