15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019

Among all CMS (Content Management System), WordPress has the largest collection of plugins. And in this article, I will share with you 15 most popular WordPress plugins 2019. Or, click here if you want to learn how to install a WordPress plugin.


15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019
WooCommerce plugin by Automattic.

With over 4 million active installations, WooCommerce is definitely one of the most popular plugins in the WordPress directory. Developed by Automattic, the very same company that has created Jetpack and Akismet plugins as well as provide Gravatar services.

With WooCommerce, you can create a beautiful online store that can sell almost anything to any part of the world. This includes physical and digital goods as well as affiliate goods from other online marketplaces such as Amazon.

Furthermore, you can also offer bookings, memberships, discounts and recurring subscriptions with premium extensions. This plugin gives you total control and highly customizable where you can set shipping, taxes, stock levels, customer accounts and many more.

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UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019
UpdraftPlus plugin by UpdraftPlus.Com and David Anderson

Good hosting providers usually offer free backup and restore feature in their hosting plan. But in case your provider does not, then this plugin is all you need.

It is one of most popular backup solution among the WordPress community. In which allow you to back up your files and databases into cloud servers and restore it with a single click.

While the free version works just fine, you might want to try their premium version. And some of the great features in the premium version are incremental backups, database encryption, advanced reporting, and WP-CLI support.

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Popup Maker

15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019
A Popup Maker plugin by WP Popup Maker.

Popup is a great way to bring your visitor's attention to something important or interact with them. For example, to add a newsletter subscription form, inserting ads, displaying announcements and many more.

For this matter, Popup Maker always becomes a popular choice since you can create unlimited popups without any restrictions. It comes with theme editor where you can style your popups as you desire and add cookies to popups.

Moreover, you can also set multiple triggers and conditions to control how, where and when your popups should be initiated.

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Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019
Duplicator plugin by Snap Creek.

One of the must-have tool for any WordPress user especially for developers. With Duplicator, you can also manually back up some part or your whole site for distribution or future use.

Additionally, you can also easily duplicate, move, and transfer any WordPress site anywhere between domains or hosts. This will allow you to clone a live site to localhost or staging area for development or testing purpose.

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MailChimp For WordPress

15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019
MailChimp For WordPress plugin by Ibericode.

Email marketing is a great way to promote your products and services and MailChimp is one of the most popular free email marketing providers.

With MailChimp For WordPress, you can easily add your subscription forms to your website and build up your list quickly. Simply connect to your MailChimp account and add your forms in seconds.

Besides, it also seamlessly integrate with most plugins in WordPress directory. For example, WordPress default comment and registration form, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, WPForms, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Events Manager and more.

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15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019
WP-Optimize plugin by David Anderson, Ruhani Rabin and UpdraftPlus.Com

Over time, your WordPress database will be filled with many unnecessary data. For example, deleted or spam comments, pingbacks, trackbacks, expired transient options and many more. This will eventually increase the size of your database in the long run.

With WP-Optimize, you can clean and optimize your WordPress database so it can work with maximum efficiency. This plugin is very useful, especially for websites that use a shared hosting plan with limited database sizes.

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Smart Slider 3

15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019
Smart Slider 3 plugin by Nextend.

Sliders usually used to display various things such as posts, images, videos, or products on the websites. And out of all slider plugins, Smart Slider 3 is the most powerful, intuitive and easy to use.

It allows you to easily create beautiful, responsive and SEO optimized sliders for your websites without any coding experience. Comes with a live editor and highly customizable where you can add slider controls, effects, navigation, thumbnails and more.

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Classic Editor

15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019
Classic Editor plugin by WordPress Contributors.

Gutenberg is a new kind of visual editor that has been introduced in the recent WordPress update. Still, not everyone loves this new block editor due to various reasons. For example, compatibility issues with current existing plugins.

Worry not, you can continue using the classic editor simply by installing this plugin. Moreover, it will be fully supported and maintained until 2022, or as long as is necessary.

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MashShare – Social Media Share Buttons

15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019
MashShare plugin by René Hermenau.

If you are looking for a way for your readers to share your contents, then this plugin is perfect for you. Comes with async share count aggregation, short URL integration, AMP support, sidebar widget and many more.

Additionally, unlike most other social share buttons, it does not use any external scripts which will slow down your site.

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Ninja Forms

15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019
Ninja Forms plugin by The WP Ninjas.

Forms are one of the important parts of the website. It is used for various purposes including newsletter subscription, membership registration, feedback, complaint, or even for content submission.

Comes with an intuitive user interface, Ninja Forms is one of the most popular drag and drop form builder plugin. Not only you can create unlimited forms, but also can modify your own field and save them as favorites. This will allow you to reuse it later even on other forms.

Besides, there are many other great features like spam protection, email customization, ability to import and export forms or user submissions and many more.

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Disable Comments

15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019
Disable Comments plugin by Samir Shah.

WordPress comment system allows you to have discussions with your audiences. However, for some reason, you may want to deactivate it completely. In this case, you can use this plugin.

Disable Comments allow you to globally disable comments on any post type such as posts, pages, attachments, and more. It also removes all comment-related fields from edit/quick-edit screens, dashboard, widgets, admin bar, and admin menu.

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Code Snippets

15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019
Code Snippets plugin by Shea Bunge.

In WordPress, you can add, modify, remove, or extend the functionality of your website simply by adding a snippet. Besides adding it to the theme functions.php or site-custom plugin, you can also add your snippets using this plugin.

Code Snippets allow you to easily add and run any snippets on your website in a very simple way. It provides a graphical user interface where you can manage, activate or deactivate any of your snippets. In addition, you can also import and export your snippets to other websites.

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Easy Forms For MailChimp

15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019
Easy Forms For MailChimp plugin by Yikes, Inc.

Another popular WordPress plugin to connect your website with MailChimp. With Easy Forms For MailChimp, you can add unlimited subscription forms to your posts, pages, sidebars, and other widgetized areas.

Furthermore, you can display forms with inline fields or allow your existing subscribers to update their profile information. There are also other features such as shortcode support, single or double opt-in option, Google reCAPTCHA protection and more.

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Disable Gutenberg

15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019
Disable Gutenberg plugin by Jeff Starr.

Not a fan of Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor and want to switch back to the classic editor? Yes, you can. With Disable Gutenberg, all you have to do is install and activate this plugin.

Comes with many options where you can turn off Gutenberg completely or only on some part of your sites. For example, you can disable it for any post type, user role, theme template or based on post/page IDs.

And what is most interesting is you can whitelist any post title, slug, or ID as well as choose which editor to use for each post.

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ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager

15 Most Popular WordPress Plugins 2019
ThirstyAffiliates plugin by Rymera Web Co.

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular ways to make money on the internet. But to track and manage everything is not an easy task, especially if you have a lot of products.

With ThirstyAffiliates, you can easily manage and shorten all your affiliates link using built-in link cloaker. Besides that, you also can choose any safe redirection you prefer (301, 302 or 307) or add no follow option.

In addition, this plugin also comes with clicks tracking and built-in reports where you can track all your affiliates products. This will allow you to analyze the potential of your products and plan your future marketing strategy.

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Footer Note

Although WordPress has tens of thousands of plugins available, sometimes it is not easy to find the best one. Here I have shared 15 most popular WordPress plugins 2019 that I have tested personally.

If you have other good plugins you would like to recommend, please kindly share it in the comments section.

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