How To Install WordPress

The second step to create a WordPress site is by installing WordPress software. This software is created and first released by Matt C. Mullenweg and Mike John in May 2003. Since then, WordPress has been constantly evolving and supporting more than 60 million websites in the world.


Before you can start installing WordPress, there are a few things that you need to prepare. First is a domain name and second is a web hosting plan. If you already have a domain name and hosting plan, let's continue reading further below. Otherwise, you might want to read how to purchase a domain and hosting plan.

There are many ways to install WordPress. You can choose whether to use an old-fashioned way using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client or one-click easy installers. Depending on hosting providers, their WordPress installation wizard may vary. SiteGround, for instance, is using Softaculous as their one-click easy installer.

Installation Using FTP

Estimated completion time: 5 - 15 minutes.

Upload WordPress Files and Folders

FTP client is one of the methods to install WordPress. Unlike using easy one-click installation wizard, this method has additional steps to complete the installation. You might be interested in reading how to upload files and folders using FTP.

To get started, please download latest WordPress software from the official source. Next, extract the downloaded file using any file extractor such as WinRAR, WinZip, 7-Zip, etc. Then, open your preferred FTP client and upload every file and folder within WordPress folder that you just extracted previously. Please refer to the image below.

How To Install WordPress
Uploading WordPress files and folders using FTP client.

In the above example, we will upload all the files and folders to the root directory of the domain. This directory usually called /public_html/.

However, if you prefer to create your website in the subdirectory, for example, /myblog, please upload all the folders and files into /public_html/myblog/.

Create A Database For WordPress

Once you finish uploading, the next step is to create a database for WordPress. Please open your web hosting control panel and navigate to the MySQL Databases and open it.

How To Install WordPress
MySQL Databases in cPanel.

After that, you will see a section to create a database. Please enter your preferred database name using only alphanumeric characters. Next, click 'Create Database'.

How To Install WordPress
Creating a WordPress database.

Create Database New User

Now you have successfully created a database. But to access this database will require privileges. First, let's create a username and password to access your database. Within the same page, scroll down to the MySQL Users section. Then, provide a username and password for the new user and click ‘Create a user’.

How To Install WordPress
Creating a Database user.

Next, add the newly-created-user to the database to give them permission to perform all actions on the database. To do this, select the user you just created, then select your database and click on the 'Add' button.

How To Install WordPress
Adding user to a Database.

Once you click the 'Add' button, you will be sent to Manage User Privileges page. Next, select 'ALL PRIVILEGES' and click 'Make Changes' button. Let's go to the final step.

Installing WordPress

In this final step, we will install the WordPress. To start the process, please enter your domain in the web browser address bar, for example, or Once you do that, you will be sent to the language selection menu like the image below. Please select your language and click 'Continue'.

How To Install WordPress
WordPress setup - Language selection menu.

Next, you will reach the preparation menu which basically tells the installation instructions. Please note that you will need to prepare all the information that has been set up earlier such as database name, database username, and password. If you are ready, please click 'Let's go!'.

How To Install WordPress
WordPress setup - Preparation menu.

Now you will reach the database configuration menu. Please fill all the information accordingly in this form and click the 'Submit' button and go to the next phase.

How To Install WordPress
WordPress setup - Database configuration menu.

After you submit the form, WordPress will connect to the database and show you a success message. Next, click on the 'Run the installation' button to start the installation.

How To Install WordPress
WordPress setup - Initiate installation.

During this phase, WordPress will make initial preparation including creating database tables and such. After that, you will be taken to the final phase just like the image below. In which, you will need to provide some information such as:

  • Site Title: Website name.
  • Username: Administrator username (cannot be changed).
  • Password: Administrator password.
  • Email: Administrator email.
  • Search Engine Visibility: Check this checkbox if you want your website hidden from search engines.
How To Install WordPress
WordPress setup - Admin configuration menu.

After you filled up the above form accordingly, please click on the 'Install WordPress' to finalize the installation. Once installation completed, you will be sent to the success page.

How To Install WordPress
WordPress setup - Finalizing.

Installation Using Softaculous

Estimated completion time: 1 - 5 minutes.

Softaculous is one of the most popular auto-installer scripts. It is a script library that automates the installation of web applications to a website. With Softaculous, you can install any web application like WordPress with just a few clicks.

To start installing WordPress using Softaculous, please log in and navigate to your cPanel. Next, launch your Softaculous auto-installer tool by clicking on any of these icons. These icons can be typically found under AutoInstallers or WordPress Tools section. Please refer to the image below.

How To Install WordPress
Softaculous tool in cPanel.

By clicking on any of these icons will initiate the auto-installer. After that, you will see an overview page of Softaculous similar to the image below. Next, click on 'Install' tab or 'Install Now' link to go to the next step.

How To Install WordPress
Softaculous installation page.

You will now reach Softaculous setup page for WordPress. Please fill all information accordingly in this form. After you finish, simply click on 'Install' button to start the installation.

How To Install WordPress
Softaculous setup page. Please click on the image to enlarge.

Once you click 'Install', Softaculous will start the installation immediately. This process usually takes up to 5 minutes and please do not leave this page until it is complete.

How To Install WordPress
WordPress installation via Softaculous is in progress.

As soon as the installation completed, you will see a success page including links to your website and its admin page.

How To Install WordPress
WordPress installation via Softaculous has been successful.

Footer Note

For the most part, installation of WordPress is relatively easy although there are some methods has extra steps. I hope this article will help you through the installation process. If you have any other method you would like to share, please let us know in the comment section.

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