How To Add Rich Snippets To Website

Search engines are one of the best traffic sources for our website. But with countless websites that exist on the internet, it is hard for one’s website to stand out in the search result. Thus, displaying your site prominently in the search result is recommended to increase the CTR (Clickthrough Rates) and drive more traffic.

All this can be achieved by using Rich Snippets. In which the implementation of Rich Snippets will improve the visibility of your website in the search engines result. You might also want to read best useful tips for your WordPress.

Rich Snippets

You can add rich snippets to the website by including structured data. A schema markup is used for structuring data and marks up any webpage to provide search engines with various information. Below is how rich snippets displayed in the search result.

How To Add Rich Snippets To Website
How rich snippets displayed in the search engine result.


On June 2nd, 2011, Google, Bing, and Yahoo collaborated to create And in November 2011, Yandex, the biggest search engine in Russia joined the initiative. Their objective is to create and support a standardized format of schemas for structured data markup on websites.

Generally, there are 3 types of markup namely JSON-LD, Microdata, and RDFa. But it is recommended by Google to use JSON-LD in their guidelines.

Aside from these types, there is also another type of markup called Open Graph created by Facebook. It is used for their rich snippets to parse various information such as what image or description to display.

Please keep in mind that we can use both Schema markup and Open Graph altogether. However, it cannot replace by one another.

Types Of Rich Snippets

There are many types of rich snippets available for your website. And since has grown, its vocabulary has been expanded and divided into multiple categories and subcategories. Among the commonly used markup are Review, People, Product, Business, Organization, Event, Music, and Video. Below are some example of rich snippets.

How To Add Rich Snippets To Website
Example of rich snippets for Sitelinks Searchbox, Logo and Social Profile.

How To Add Rich Snippets To Website

For a WordPress user, it is wise to check either your website already have schema markups added or not. This is because some good theme or plugins already include schema markups in their codes. Hence, it will be pointless to add same markups on the same page.

For this matter, you can check which schema markup used on your webpage by using Structured Data Testing Tool. This tool also allows you to test new markups or check if schema markup on your page contains any errors.

Apart from that, you can also refer to Structured Data Report within your Google Search Console which will notify you if there are any errors detected in your structured data.

Now, let’s add rich snippets to our website. As stated above, it is recommended by Google to use JSON-LD for our structured data. Fortunately, there are many JSON-LD generators available on internet which makes creating schema markup become more easier.

Let's say, for example, you want to add WebSite schema markup on your webpage. Below is the sample of WebSite markup we generate using an online JSON-LD generator. Feel free to change any section as per your need or generate a new one.

In the above code, we include Preferred Site Name and Sitelinks Searchbox markup. You can add this JSON-LD markup to the head section of your webpage. However, please keep in mind that markup placement is vary depending on markup type.

If you are using WordPress, you can add this markup to the site-custom plugin and use WordPress wp_head hook to generate this markup in your header. Please take a look at the example code below.

By using above code on the site-custom plugin, we will add WebSite markup automatically on every page of our website. Pretty easy, right? You might as well want to read how to create WordPress site-custom plugin.

Rich Snippets Plugins

Aside from the method above, you can also use a plugin to add rich snippets to your website. Below are few plugins that might suit your need. You may also want to read how to install a WordPress plugin.


Schema is a free WordPress plugin which using JSON-LD format for adding schema markups for your structured data. It is super fast, light-weight and easy to use with a minimal setting.

Schema also supports large numbers of markups such as Article, Breadcrumb, Sitelinks Searchbox and many more. Additionally, it is compatible with various themes and plugins including Genesis and Yoast SEO.

WP Product Review Pro

WP Product Review Pro is a powerful premium plugin from ThemeIsle. As its name suggests, this plugin is exclusively only for the product review. It also has a free version called WP Product Review Lite which can be downloaded from WordPress plugin directory.

We have been using this plugin for our product reviews on this site for a while. It is light-weight, responsive and relatively easy to use. And most importantly, it has added schema markup and displays our product reviews beautifully in the search engine result. Read our WP Product Review Pro review.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Like Schema plugin previously, All In One Schema Rich Snippets also offer quite similar support for various schema markups. It is including Articles, Review, Event, People, Product, Recipe, Software Application and Video markup. This plugin is 100% free plugin from Brainstorm Force.

Other Things You Need To Know

Now you have added schema markups to your site and waited patiently. Yet after a while, you notice that your rich snippets still not appear in the search result. Don't panic because there are few reasons why it is not showing up. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Rich snippets are not promised by Google. You can add schema however it is up to Google entirely whether to display it or not.
  2. Not enough time has passed since schema markups added to your site. Perhaps you need to wait until Google recrawl your site.
  3. Your structured data is marked up incorrectly. This is the most common reason why rich snippets aren't displaying. Double check using structured data testing tool to ensure that your markups are errors free.
  4. Google does not review the site as reliable.
  5. Your marked-up content is misleading and isn’t going to provide a user with a better search experience.
  6. Your marked-up content contains profanity, vulgar language or adult content.

Apart from that, there are also some cases where rich snippets suddenly disappear from the search result. We also have experienced this as well where our snippets suddenly removed after displayed beautifully in the search result.

In most case, it will reappear back after several days or weeks. However, if it isn't, do check your schema on the affected webpage to ensure there is nothing problem with the codes.


In conclusion, the implementation of rich snippets will help to improve your site visibility in the search engines result. Although there is no guarantee it will be displayed, however, it still the best practice to implement it on our site.

It is also important to note that rich snippet is a privilege and not a right. And adding rich snippets to your website will be beneficial and give you a huge advantage for your SEO. If you have any experience or issues regarding rich snippets, don't hesitate to share it with us in the comment section.

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