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Many people love to blogging and sharing things. That including me myself. But for first time blogger, starting a website with no experience while seeking directions can be a pain. Thinking how to improve website speed or overcome the limitation of web hosting is few questions that often arise in mind.

In this article, I would like to share with you best useful tips for your WordPress site. These tips will ultimately help improve your WordPress site in various ways like faster loading speed, reducing database size, and many more. Please don't forget to bookmark this page as I will keep adding more tips and tricks from time to time.

Leverage Browser Caching

Tips: Improve website page speed. Reducing bandwidth consumption.

Besides security, speed is also the most important thing for a website. There are many factors contribute to website speed. And one of the way to improve website page speed is by setting up the lifetime of the cachable resources.

Optimize Images

Tips: Improve website page speed. Reducing disk space usage. Improve SEO. 

An image can tell a thousand stories which will make it more engaging. Even so, putting a lot of images your website will decrease your page load speed. In this article, you can learn how to optimize your images without sacrificing its quality. And at the same time, you can also reduce disk space usage on your web hosting as well as improve your SEO.

Block Bad Bots

Tips: Reduce bandwidth consumption.

Nowadays most of the internet traffic generated by bots. Even though there are good bots used for indexing purpose and automated posts. There are also bad bots exists for scraping, content stealing, and other malicious intents.

Moreover, by getting hit massively by bots will inevitably consume your server bandwidth and slowing down your website. You might want to read how to easily block bad bots and decrease it up to 85%.

Implement Rich Snippets

Tips: Improve website visibility in the search engines result.

Rich snippets are one the best way to increase CTR (Clickthrough Rates). With millions of websites created every day, getting to top list become more harder. Learn how the implementation of rich snippets will help to improve your site visibility in the search engines result.

Disable Post Revisions

Tips: Reduce database size.

Although WordPress post revision is a great feature, yet it is inevitably will take space in your database. This is not a small issue for a blogger who's on shared hosting plan with limited database size. However, this can be easily fixed by disabling or limit the post revisions.

Disable Wp-cron.php

Tips: Reduce server resource usage.

Wp-cron.php is a WordPress core file which serves to automatically do various things for your WordPress website. However, there are few drawbacks that need to consider. It is highly recommended to disable wp-cron.php and replace it with the real cron job. You can read more about it in this article of how to disable wp-cron.php.

Minifying Scripts

Tips: Reduce file size. Reduce file request. Improve website page speed.

JavaScript and CSS are files that affect the functionality and appearance of web pages. But sometimes, it contains unnecessary data for the website to run. Thus, it is best to minify your scripts and stylesheets.

With minification, you can reduce your file size, total file request and essentially improve your website load speed. Learn how you can minify your JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Compress Your Website

Tips: Improve website page speed. Reducing bandwidth consumption.

Compress your website is one of few easy ways to speed up your website. Not only it greatly reduces your server bandwidth usage, but also for your visitors especially those who use metered connection such as mobile networks.

Additionally, its configuration also pretty straightforward even for a beginner. You might be interested to know how it works or learn how to compress your website.

Disable Or Limit Heartbeat API

Tips: Reduce server resource usage. Reduce PHP execution.

Heartbeat API is one of the best features in WordPress which allow you to achieve real-time frontend updates. This is extremely useful while working with a team. But in spite of that, it may consume unnecessary resource and will slow down your website.

You might be interested to know why you should disable or limit Heartbeat API on your website or how to do it.

Create A Site-Custom Plugin

Tips: Saving snippets in the appropriate way.

In WordPress, code snippets and tweakers are inseparable. And functions.php has always been a place for saving snippets, especially for the beginner. This is not recommended since all the changes may disappear when your theme is updated or changed.

Therefore, it is highly suggested to create a site-custom plugin to keep all snippets safe. You might also interested to read advantages of saving scripts in the site-custom plugin or 5 basic security practices for your WordPress plugin.

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